After succesful video-singles 'All Over Again' and 'The Old Town Etudes' duo of Sisa&Jen presents their original fusion of jazz/swing and hip hop and other similair genres.
Combination of jazz voice, rap, samples & exsquisite instrumentalists in one stage calls a wonderful music show.
Myo are a 4 piece based in London who spend their time programming synths, crashing Ableton and battling midi controllers... They create a blend of future beat dance music and electronic soul.
Combining the expressive vocals of Sisa Feherova with the angular hip-hop influenced playing and writing of guitarist Jim Daoud, Myo are trying to find the human touch in the world of programmed dance music.
Their co-conspirators in this search are bass experimenter Pete Bennie and drummer/producer George Bird whose conception of sound and rhythm is constantly in flux between the digital and analogue.
The result is a densely layered collage of neo soul guitar, mangled vocal samples and crushed drum loops, which underpins what can only be described as melodic and sincere songwriting.
Trio of ex-couch freestylers (Sisa Feher, Vladko Miklas and Lukas Mutnansky) put together their voices, sounds, skills and thoughts in slightly social-critical-tragic attitude dressed in indie-pop travelling from past into the future.
Quintet of Sisa Fehérová is a band crossing jazz, blues and alternative music. In their repertoire you can be introduced to original songs and imaginative arangments of jazz and anti-jazz compositions. Music full of tense and emotions led by energic smooth voice of Sisa, supported by soulful guitar of Tony Dlapa and perceptive play of pianist Federico De Vittor.
Fehero Rocher played many concerts in Czech Republic and Germany and were a participants on jazz festivals there, and for example also in Turkey, or Slovakia.
In Prague's Akropolis they played support for italian band Mop Mop, in Bratislava for Richard Bona or Esperanza Spalding.
Their debut album CIRRUS was released on label Slnko Records in June 2016.

Vocal - Sisa Fehérová
Guitar, vocal - Tony Dlapa
Piano - Federico De Vittor
Double bass, vocal - Miloš Klápště
Drums - Oliver Lipenský
Pitch Bender is a jazz/funk/soul band. Group members come from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Pitch Bender performs traditional jazz and funky standards in a non-traditional way but mainly its own compositions. An outstanding figure is the singer, Sisa Feherová, with a very strong voice and amazingly groovy feeling.The leader, arranger, composer and vocalist of the band is the pianist Iva Korgerová.

In autumn 2009 Pitch Bender got into the final of Czech young jazz groups competition "Jazz Talent" in Prague where Sisa Feherova got an award for the best solo artist, in spring 2012 Pitch Bender won a 2nd prize in Czech Jazz Contest. The group also plays under the project "Jazz into Regions" and performs all over the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Pitch Bender released two CDs already, first Virginology in 2010, and second one called Peace In Emergency in september 2014.