Instant Atcs

In the moment I am touring with international project INSTANT ACTS.
A beautiful group of artist from around the globe.

If you are in Germany or South Tyrol Italy and would like to see the show here is the tourplan:

Otherwise I am looking forward to see you in november when I am back and ready to tour with Fehero Rocher first album CIRRUS :)

Have a beautiful time meawhile full of lot of good music and cheerful times.
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If you wanna follow...

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Debut album CIRRUS by Fehero Rocher is out !!! :)

Our first album CIRRUS by Fehero Rocher is available, a lot of thanks to amazing label SLNKO RECORDS. We are very excited and here is the link where you can lsiten to it and hopefully buy it:

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To Bratislava to play a guitar

A lovely slovak community called Folkie asked me if I play two tunes, so I did.
Video by Ado Juracek

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Páslo dievča pávy (from/for CIRRUS)

CIRRUS is shaping :)

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